Nautical words

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Shaping a Course. Laying off the course a vessel is to steer. Also used as meaning the steering of the course.

Shark. Large carnivorous fish found in tropical and sub-tropical waters. Principal types are the Basking, Dogfish, Hammer-headed, Tiger and White sharks.

'Shark Flies the Feather.5 Nautical saying embodying the strange fact that a shark will attack and devour any creature but a bird.

Sharkskin. Dried skin of the shark. Is rough, but free from scales. Used for smoothing wood, and for handgrips of swords.

Shark's Mouth. Deep and narrow indentation in canvas of an awning when in the way of a stay or other permanent rigging.

Sharpie. Long, narrow, flat-bottomed sailing boat.

Sharp Up. Said of yards when braced as far forward as possible.

Shaula. Star  Scorpii. S.H.A. 97°; Dec. S37°; Mag. 1-7.

Shear Hook 305 Sheer Off

Shear Hook.* Barbed hook that was fitted to yard arm of fireship to hook into rigging of any enemy vessel it collided with.

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