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Shallow Water Constituent

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Shallow Water Constituent. Quarter diurnal effect on a tidal undula­tion that is retarded in its translation by shoaling of ground or constriction of its path.

Shallow Water Tide. That tidal component which, due to shoaling or constriction, is separated from the main undulation, and arrives later.

Shamal. A north-west wind in Persian Gulf.

Shamrock Knot. Manipulation of bight of a rope so that three loops are formed round a central ring. Also called "Jury Mast Knot*.

Shanghaied. Forcibly put aboard a vessel other than one's own ship. Practically impossible nowadays, but was formerly common in certain American ports when crews deserted on

arrival and bounties were paid to those providing a crew.

Shank. That part of an anchor between the ring and the arms.

Shank Painter. Chain by which shank of anchor is held when stowed on a billboard. Shanty. Alternative name for 'Chanty'.

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