Nautical words

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Shakedown Cruise. Voyage of a newly-commissioned warship in which frequent drills are carried out to familiarise the crew with their various stations and duties.

Shake Out a Reef. To loose a reef in a sail, adjust the sail and sheet home.

Shakes. Staves and headings of casks and barrels when dismantled and bundled together. Shakmgs. Hoops, staves, and headings of a cask or barrel when dismantled. 2. Cuttings of canvas, rope, etc., that accrue after fitting or refitting work. Termed 'arisings' in Royal Navy. Shallop. Small boat for one or two rowers. 2. Small fishing vessel with foresail, boom mainsail, and mizen trysail. 3. A sloop.

Shallow. Area where depth of water is small. A shoal.

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1   ...   744   745   746   747   748   749   750   751   ...   963

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