Nautical words

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Shades (of Sextant). Coloured glasses by which excessive light is excluded.

Shame. Lug that takes the pivot pin of a gooseneck.

Shaft. Propeller shafting. 2. That part of an oar that lies between blade and loom.

Shaft Alley. Footway alongside propeller shafting, extending from engine-room to stern gland.

Shaft Coupling. Flange and bolt connection of two lengths of propeller shafting.

Shaft Pipe. Old name for 'Shaft Tube'. Especially applied to a tube in stern frame of wooden vessel, through which shaft passes.

Shaft Tube. Circular casing through which propeller shaft passes to propeller.

Shaft Tunnel 304 Shaula

Shaft Tunnel. Enclosed space, between engine-room and stem gland, through which propeller shaft extends and in which are the shaft bearings.

Shake. Crack in timber due to faulty seasoning or drying. 2. To take hoops off a cask, barrel, etc., and reduce it to its original parts.

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