Nautical words

Set. Direction in which a current flows. Set and Drift

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Set. Direction in which a current flows.

Set and Drift. Direction and distance that a current travels in a given time.

Set Bolt. Bolt used for forcing another bolt out of its hole.

Set Flying. A sail set attached only by its halyard, sheet and tack but not by hanks to a stay.

Set Sail. To make sail. To loose sail and sheet home. 2. To sail away from a place.

Settee Rig. Boat rig having two masts, each carrying a four-sided fore and aft sail in which the luff is much shorter than the leech.

Set the Watch. To name a watch and detail it for duty on deck.

Setting 303 Shaft Tube

Setting. Said of a heavenly body when it moves down to western horizon. 2. Setting a course is putting ship's head in a desired direction. 3. Setting an observed object is ascertaining its compass bearing.

Setting Pole. A quant. Long pole by which a craft is propelled by putting pole on bed of the waterway, and bearing on it.

Settle. To ease a halyard, or other rope used for hoisting, by a small amount. 2. To cause the land, or a light, to go below horizon by sailing away from it.

Settling Tank. Stokehold tank into which fuel oil is pumped and allowed to settle before being used. Oil is drawn through a filter so that solid contents, usually sand, are left behind. Set Up. To tauten standing rigging with lanyards, tackles, or screws.

Sewed. Said of a vessel when water level has fallen from the level at which she would float. Also said of the water that has receded and caused a vessel to take the ground.

Sewn Boat. Boat made with a double skin of Honduras mahogany. Inside planking is at right angles to keel, and is 5/32 -inch thick. Outer skin goes horizontally, and is ¼ -inch to 3/8 -inch thick. These two skins are sewed together with copper wire.

Sewing. Said of water level when it is falling away from a minimum height necessary to float a particular vessel.

Sextant. Reflecting instrument used for measuring altitudes and other angles not exceeding 120°.

Shackle. Somewhat semi-circular bar of metal having an eye in each end to take a pin. Used for connecting purposes. 2. Length of chain cable measuring 12 ½ fathoms in Royal Navy,

15 fathoms in Merchant Navy.

Shackle Bolt. Bolt having a shackle at its end.

Shackle Crow. Tool for withdrawing a bolt. Somewhat similar to a crowbar, but having a shackle at toe.

Shackle Key. T-shaped key having a square section end. Used for unscrewing flush-headed shackle pins that have a square countersunk recess in head.

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