Nautical words

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Separation Cloths. Large cloths used for separating different parcels of bulk cargoes such as grain.

Separation Error. Error in the collimation of a sextant, or optical instrument.

Septentrional. Pertaining to the North. From the Greek for 'Seven ploughing oxen" (Ursa Major).

Serein. Rain falling from a cloudless sky. Very abnormal.

Service. Serving put on a rope. 2. Duty performed. 3. Group of persons performing and sharing the same duties.

Services. Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force.

Serving. Rendering service. 2. Small stuff tightly wound around a splice or rope to protect it. 3. Act of putting on a serving.

Serving Board. Flat wooden tool used for serving a rope tightly and neatly.

Serving Mallet. Wooden mallet with a semi-circular groove along its cylindrically-shaped head. Used for serving when consider­able tension is desired.

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1   ...   741   742   743   744   745   746   747   748   ...   963

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