Nautical words

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Semi-Diesel Engine. Internal combustion engine in which injected fuel is vaporised by a hot bulb and compression. Used for working auxiliary machinery, and for propulsion of small vessels.

Semi-diurnal. Pertaining to, or recurring at, periods of half a day, approximately.

Semi-diurnal Tides. Tides occurring twice in a lunar day.

Semi-menstrual Inequality 302 Set the Watch

Semi-menstrual Inequality. Tidal inequality that goes through all its variations in half a lunar month.

Sennit. Plaited yarns, strands, or ropes.

Senhouse Slip. Strong slip, secured to framing of ship in chain locker, to hold inboard end of cable. Tumbler is shaped to pass through open link of cable and form a snug fitting for link. Gives maximum strength when cable is veered to a clinch. Allows instant release when required. Connection between ship and slip is by chain of such length that cable can be slipped from deck immediately above chain locker.

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1   ...   739   740   741   742   743   744   745   746   ...   963

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