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Seasonal Correction to Mean Sea Level

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Seasonal Correction to Mean Sea Level. Correction to be applied to mean sea level, at a place, to find the sea level in a given season.

Seasonal Zone. Area of an ocean or sea, in which different load lines are in force in different seasons.

Sea Suction. Underwater opening in a ship, through which sea-water is pumped for wash deck, fire, ballast, sanitary, or other uses.

Seat. Any part, or member, on which another part, or member, rests.

Sea-Term. Word, phrase, or name particularly used by seamen.

Sea Thermometer. An ordinary thermometer, but with a cup round the bulb so that some water is retanied when taking temperature of surface water of the sea.

Sea-Urchin. Sea creature having a bony casing, rather like an orange, with numerous small spikes. Starts as a free-swimming creature, the bony covering developing later.

Sea-Wall. Embankment, or masonry, erected to protect land from damage by sea action. Seaward. Towards the sea.

Sea-Water. Water comprising the salt-water seas and oceans. Contains chlorides, sulphates, bromides, carbonates, etc. Specific gravity is about 1025—but varies between 1001 and 1031 (Suez).

Seaway. Expanse of water with definite wave motion.

Seaweed. Weed growing in sea-water, technically known as 'fucaceae'. Has simple spores, and is world-wide in extent. Some seaweed is edible; most is good for manuring land.

Nearly 500 known species.

Seaworthy 300 Segmental Bar

Seaworthy. Said of a vessel when in all respects fit to carry a pro­posed cargo, or passengers. 2. Capable of withstanding risks incidental to the sea.

Seaworthiness. In a limited sense, is a vessel's fitness to withstand the action of the sea, wind, and weather. In a broader, and legal, sense, it requires that the vessel must be handled and navigated competently, fully manned, adequately stored, and in all respects fit to carry the cargo loaded.

Second. Sixtieth part of a minute of time. 2. Sixtieth part of a minute of arc.

Secondary. Applied to a circle, cold front, depression, meridian, or port, to distinguish it from a primary. Often used to denote a secondary depression.

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