Nautical words

Sea Parrot. Seaman's name for the puffin. Sea Pass

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Sea Parrot. Seaman's name for the puffin.

Sea Pass. Duly attested document given to a neutral vessel, during f war, by a belligerent power. Exempts her from search or seizure ' by vessels of that power.

Sea-Pie. Seaman's dish made with alternate layers of pastry and meat; usually two of meat and three of pastry.

Sea Plats.* Old name for charts,

Sea Rate. Average gaining or losing rate of a particular chrono­meter while at sea.

Searcher. Customs officer who searches a vessel for undeclared goods or stores.

Search(ing) Note. Document given to Master by Customs officer, when ship has been searched for unentered goods.

Sea Reach. Length of a river between its discharge into the sea and its first bend inland.

Sea Reeve.* Former official who kept watch on seaward borders of estate of a lord of the manor. He took charge of wrecks, and prevented smuggling.

Sea-Risks. Special risks, incidental to a sea voyage, that may affect persons or goods.

Sea-Room 299 Seaweed

Sea-Room. Sufficient expanse of sea for a vessel to manoeuvre without risk of grounding, or collision with other vessels.

Sea Rover. Pirate, or a pirate vessel. 2. One who travels by sea with no fixed destination. Sea Scarph. 'Sea Craft.'

Sea-Serpent. Animal of serpentine form, and immense size, credibly reported to have been sighted at sea. No final proof of its existence has yet been established.

Sea-Service. Service rendered, as one of the crew or complement, in a sea-going ship.

Seasickness. Disorder of the nervous system brought about by ship's movement in a seaway. Sea-Slug/Sea-Cat/Sea-Dart. Types of ship-to-aircraft guided missiles.

Sea Smoke. Vapour rising like steam or smoke from the sea caused by very cold air blowing over it. Frost-smoke, steam-fog, warm water fog, water smoke.

Sea-Snake. Venomous snake found swimming, near land, in waters of Indian and Pacific Oceans. Is eaten by natives of Tahiti.

Seasonal Area. Part of a seasonal zone, but having a load line period that differs somewhat from the load line period of the zone.

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