Nautical words

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Seaman's Disgrace. 'Sailor's Disgrace.'

Seamanship. The professiona1 skill of a seaman. The art of work­ing, managing, and handling a vessel, in a seaway, in a seaman-like manner.

Seamark. Erection, in shoal water, elevated above sea level to act as a beacon, navigational aid or warning.

Sea Mew. 'Sea Gull.'

Sea Mile/Nautical Mile. Distance equivalent to length of one minute of latitude at the position concerned. Varies between, approximately, 6045 ft. at Equator and 6081 ft. at Poles. Standardised, for log purposes, as 6080 ft.

Seaming Palm. Sailmaker's palm used when sewing seams. Indenta­tions in iron are smaller than those in roping palm, and it has no leather thumb guard. ;

Seaming Twine. Flax twine, 2-ply, used for sewing canvas. Supplied ' in hanks up to 1 Ib., which equals one mile of twine.

Sea Otter. Fur-bearing animal of Behring Straits and Kamchatka.

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