Nautical words

Sea Hog. Porpoise. Sea Horizon

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Sea Hog. Porpoise.

Sea Horizon. The line in which sea and sky appear to meet.

Sea Horse. Name given to walrus, hippopotamus, and hippo­campus; the last being a small fish with a head resembling that of a horse.

Sea Kindliness. That characteristic of a ship by which she behaves well in heavy weather, and adapts herself to varying states of the sea.

Seal. Warm-blooded carnivorous animal found in arctic and Antarctic regions and in lower latitudes. Limbs have developed into flippers.

Sealer. Man who hunts seals. 2. Vessel used in seal hunting.

Sea Lawyer. Nautical name for an argumentative person.

Sea Legs. Ability to walk fairly steadily when a vessel is labouring in a seaway.

Sea Letter. Custom house document carried by a neutral vessel on a foreign voyage in wartime. Gives port of departure, destina­tion, nature of cargo, and other relevant particulars required by a boarding officer.

Sea Level. A more or less theoretical level based on that which the sea surface would have if there were no tide, swell or wave. It thus approximates half tide level. Datum for British surveying is the mean level at Newlyn, Cornwall.

Sea Lion 298 Sea-Risks

Sea Lion. Name given to a seal found in Pacific Ocean. Male is about 12 ft. long, weighs about half a ton, and has golden-brown hair.

Seam. Joining of edges of canvas, or other fabric, made by stitching. 2. Longitudinal meeting of edges of planks, strakes, or plates.

Seaman. Generally, one who follows the sea as a profession. This meaning is often limited. Merchant Shipping Acts define him as any person serving in a ship, other than the Master. In the Royal Navy, is a man who works on deck. 2. A merman.

Seamanlike. In a manner, or fashion, befitting a seaman.

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