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Sea Disturbance. State of sea surface as compared with its mean level. Generally expressed by a number in a scale in which 0 represents perfect smoothness, and 10 is the maximum disturbĀ­ance known to seamen.

Sea Dog. Old and experienced seaman. 2. Dog fish. 3.Elizabethan privateer.

Sea Eagle. Bald-headed eagle (adopted as emblem by U.S.A.). 2. Sting-ray fish.

Sea Eggs. Echinoidiae that are usually called 'Sea Urchins'.

Sea Fardinger.* A seaman.

Seafarer. One who earns his living by service at sea.

Seafaring. Serving at sea for a livelihood.

Sea Fire. Phosphorescence of the sea surface.

Sea Fret. Dawn mist at sea.

Sea Gait. Rolling swell. 2. Position of two ships when alongside one another in a swell.

Sea Gates. Pair of gates that close entrance to a dock, tidal basin, or harbour against the action of storm waves.

Sea Gauge.* Former deep-sea sounding appliance in which a column of mercury was acted upon by water pressure, the mercury compressing trapped air. A viscous substance, on top of mercury column, denoted height to which mercury rose.

Sea-Going. Applied to men, or craft, when differentiating between sea service and service in sheltered waters.

Sea Gull. Name that includes all birds of the gull family that fly mostly above the sea.

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