Nautical words

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Sea Blubber. Nickname for jelly fish.

Seaboard. Coast, or land, continuous to a coast. Sometimes used as meaning 'seaward'.

Sea Boat. Ship's boat kept ready for immediate lowering while at sea: sometimes called 'accident boat'. 2. Applied to a ship when assessing her behaviour in a seaway.

Sea Borne. Carried by the sea. 2. Carried over the sea in a ship.

Sea Bound. Encircled by the sea.

Sea Boy. Young lad, less than 18 years of age, employed in a ship.

Sea Breeze. Wind from the sea that blows across land.

Sea Brief. 'Sea Letter.'

Sea Captain. Master of a sea-going vessel. Certificated officer competent and qualified to be master of a sea-going vessel.

Sea Cock. Screw-down valve, in bottom of a ship, by which sea water can be allowed to enter a pipe system.
Sea Craft 297 Sea Level

Sea Craft.* Timber supporting lower deck beams of a wooden vessel.

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