Nautical words

Sea Acorn. A barnacle. Sea Anchor

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Sea Acorn. A barnacle.

Sea Anchor. Floating construction, either temporary or perĀ­manent, so shaped that it offers minimum area to the wind, and gives maximum resistance to translation through the sea. Used when it is necessary to keep a vessel head to sea and anchoring is impossible. Sea anchor is streamed by a line connecting sea anchor with ship. A drogue, as used in boats, is the simplest form.

Sea Battery. Assault upon a seaman, by Master, while at sea.

Sea Bed. Ground at the bottom of a sea or ocean.

Sea Belch. Breakers, particularly a line of breakers.

Sea Birds. Birds that live on, by, and from, the sea. Two chief classes are Laridae and Larinae (gulls) and Tubinares (petrels)., In general, they have webbed feet, and beaks adapted for seizing fish.

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