Nautical words

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Scupper Hole. The hole in a scupper.

Scupper Hose. Short length of pipe to lead scupper water clear of ship's side.

Scupper Leather. Piece of leather used to form a non-return valve in a scupper.

Scupper Lip. Projection on outboard end of a scupper discharge. Ensures water being thrown clear of ship's side.

Scupper Nail 296 Sea Cock

Scupper Nail. Short nail having a large flat head.

Scupper Plate. Longitudinal plate under a waterway.

Scupper Shoot. Semi-circular spout projecting outboard, to lead scupper water clear of ship's side.

Scurvy. Form of anaemia caused by a deficiency of vitamin C. Marked by ulceration of mouth, debility, lassitude, haemorrhage, and other symptoms.

Scuttle. Small opening - in a deck, side of a ship, or compartment - that can be closed as required. Literally means a 'shutter'.

Scuttle Butt. Covered cask, having lid in head, in which fresh water for current use was formerly carried.

Scuttling. Deliberately making, or uncovering, any opening in a vessel so that sea can enter. Sometimes done to allow water to enter a stranded ship to prevent her bumping on the ground.

Scylla. One of the whirlpools (garofali) in Straits of Messina, named after a fabulous monster. Sea. Large expanse of water forming part of an ocean, or connected with it. 2. Waves or swell. 3. The movement and direction of waves. 4. Large inland lake.

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