Nautical words

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Scroll, Scroll Head. Decorative work at stem head of a ship – as differentiated from a 'figure' head.

Scrowl. 'Scroll.'

Scud. Fractonimbus cloud driven, by the wind, under cumulo­nimbus.

Scudding. Running before a gale with minimum canvas set.

Scull. Short oar, usually with spoon blade, rowed with one hand. 2. Small boat rowed by one man.

Sculler. Man who sculls a boat. 2. Boat propelled or impelled by sculling.

Sculling. Propelling or impelling a boat by sculling. 2. Impelling a boat by putting a scull over the stern, inclining the blade and moving it transversely.

Scupper. Hole in waterways, or bulwarks, for allowing water on deck to flow outboard.

Scuppered. Slang term for frustrated, knocked out, or killed.

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1   ...   727   728   729   730   731   732   733   734   ...   963

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