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Screw Post. 'Propeller Post.' Screw Propeller

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Screw Post. 'Propeller Post.'

Screw Propeller. Immersed system of inclined planes that is revolved by an engine and forces ship in a fore and aft direction. Usually called 'propeller' or 'screw'.

Screw Race. Turbulent water thrown astern of ship by a revolving propeller.

Screw Rudder. Small screw propeller fitted at angle to fore and aft line of ship. Used for altering ship's heading, particularly when stopped. Now obsolete.

Screw Stopper. Cable stopper fitted with a bottle screw for tautening.

Screw Well. Vertical trunk into which a propeller could be lifted after being slung in tackles and tail-end shaft withdrawn. Was used, with more or less success, in old warships having sail and screw propulsion.

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