Nautical words

Austral. Southern. Australian Current

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Austral. Southern.

Australian Current. Branch of Equatorial Current, setting south­wards along E coast of Australia as far as Sydney.

Australian Sea Carriage of Goods Act, 1914. Short Act, of ten clauses, governing shipment of goods from Australia, whether coastwise or abroad.

Autogenous Welding 27 Average Loss

Autogenous Welding. Joining two pieces of metal by heating each of them and then welding them together without use of any other metal.

Autographic Instrument. Any instrument that makes a graphic record of its registrations. Barograph is an example.

Automatic Helmsman. Machine that is controlled by compass and controls steering engine. Automatically keeps ship's head on a pre-selected course.

Automatic Tide Gauge. Erection near shore of a tidal river, to indicate height of tide by a system of floats with a connected pointer that moves over a graduated board. By including a constant in the graduation the height of tide at a distant port can be indicated. 2. Tide gauge fitted with a timekeeping unit and a recording apparatus. Used for recording tidal effects over a fairly long period.

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