Nautical words

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Screen Bulkhead. Thwartship bulkhead on upper deck at forward or after end of midships accommodation.

Screw. Screw propeller. 2. Steamer having screw propulsion.

Screw Alley. Enclosed space with a gangway alongside propeller shaft. Used when examining, lubricating, or refitting bearings of propeller shaft, or when withdrawing tail-end shaft.

Screw Aperture 295 Scupper Lip

Screw Aperture. Opening, in after deadwood, in which propeller revolves.

Screw Coupling. Joining piece in which a screw thread is fitted for adjusting distance or tension.

Screw Current. Moving water of the sea that flows along ship's side into the propeller, and then is driven aft and quarterly by the propeller blades.

Screw Effect. Deviation of a steamship's head from a prolongation of her fore and aft line when caused by transverse thrust – or paddle-wheel effect - of her propeller. Corrected by rudder.

Screw Log. Any log that indicates distance or speed by the screw effect of water acting on inclined planes of the log rotator.

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