Nautical words

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Scotched Up. Shored up.

Scotchman. Any wood batten, hide, or metal put on rigging to take a chafe. Any wooden construction placed for protective purposes.

Scotch Mist. Combination of drizzle and thick mist.

Scott-Still Engine. Small engine using steam generated by the gases exhausted by a diesel engine.

Scoute. Manx sailing craft, formerly used in herring fishery.

Scow. Flat-bottomed, square-ended craft used for transport of cargo.

Scowing. Name sometimes used for ‘Becueing’

Scran Bag. Bag, or compartment, in which articles of clothing, left lying about by naval ratings, are stowed. The articles are redeemed by payment of a small piece of soap. 2. Bread bag.

Scrap Log. Alternative name for 'Deck Log'.

Screen. Canvas partition or protection. 2. Thwartship plating of an erection on upper deck. 3. Wood or metal fixture that limits arc of visibility of a navigational light.

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1   ...   724   725   726   727   728   729   730   731   ...   963

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