Nautical words

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Schermuly Pistol. Firearm that ignites and aligns a line-carrying rocket.

School. Shoal of fish, or whales.

School Ship. Instructional ship permanently moored in harbour.

Schooner. Fore and aft rigged vessel having two or more masts. First built Gloucester, Mass., about 1713.

Schottel. Propulsion and steering unit, a propeller-rudder. The horizontal propeller is driven by a vertical shaft and pivots like a rudder-blade.

Schuyt. Fore and aft rigged Dutch fishing-boat, having one or two masts.

Scirocco. Warm wind blowing from South to SE, in Mediterranean Sea, and preceding a depression moving E'ly. Name is loosely given to any warm S'ly wind in this area.

Scope. The amount of cable by which a ship rides to an anchor.

Scorbutic. Pertaining to scurvy; giving rise to scurvy.

Score. Cut-out part, of shell of a wooden block, that receives and confines the strop.

Scoriae. Reddish-brown, or black cinders of volcanic eruption.

Scorpio (Lat.= Scorpion). Constellation situated between R.A.'s 15 h 50 m and 17 h 50 m, and Dec. 20° to 43° S. Contains three bright stars, the principal being Antares.

Scotch Boiler. Cylindrical boiler with combustion chamber furnaces and smoke tubes fitted in water space. Can be single or double ended. Usually has three furnaces.

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