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Saxboard. Uppermost strake of an open boat. Scale

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Saxboard. Uppermost strake of an open boat.

Scale. Numerical relationship between distance on chart and actual distance between any positions. 2. Measure, or diagram, that converts charted distance to actual distance. 3. Hard deposit that forms on inside of boilers, or on exposed ferrous metals.

Scaling. Removing scale from a surface on which it has formed. 2. Adjustment and graduation of gun sights. 3.* Cleaning the bore of a gun by firing a small powder charge.

Scampavia. Neapolitan rowing vessel, about 150 ft. long, having a 6-pounder gun forward. Had lateen main and mizen sails. Was discontinued in first half of 19th century.

Scandalize. To top yards by alternately opposite lifts, brace them on opposite tacks, loose sails in the buntlines and, in general, give the ship as untidy an appearance as possible. Was the orthodox method—especially in ships of Latin countries - of showing grief or mourning.

Scanner. The rotating or oscillating aerial of a radar set.

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