Nautical words

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Satellite Navigation. Navigation, and the instruments for it, by receiving and measuring signals from artificial satellites orbiting the earth.

Saturated Steam. Steam that has the same temperature as the water from which it is generated - as distinguished from superĀ­heated steam.

Saturation 293 Schedar

Saturation. The carrying of the maximum amount of water vapour by the atmosphere in a given state. Amount that can be carried increases and decreases with air temperature.

Saturation Deficit. Difference between vapour pressure in a given state of the atmosphere and the maximum pressure it could carry.

Saturn. Sixth major planet from Sun. Diameter is about nine times that of Earth; distance from Sun is about 10 times that of Earth. Has nine satellites and a system of broad, flat rings around its equator.

Saucer. Iron or steel bearing, shaped like a saucer, on which vertical spindle of a capstan rests on deck below.

Save All. Strip of canvas laced to roach of a square sail to get additional wind effort. 2. Alternative name for 'Water sail*.

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