Nautical words

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Sand Strake. Garboard strake of a boat.

Sand-Warped. Left on a sand bank at ebb tide. 2. A temporary stranding at half flood of tide.

'Santa Clara.' Ship named in the earliest marine insurance policy still existing - which is dated October 23, 1347, and covers her voyage from Genoa to Majorca.

Sargasso Sea. Area of Atlantic in which surface is extensively covered by 'gulf weed'. Approximate extent is from 19° W to 47°W, and from 20° N to 25° N.

Saros. Period of 18.03 years, which is the interval at which lunar and solar eclipses repeat themselves in approximately similar circumstances.

Satellite. A secondary planet that revolves around a primary planet. Is often, but erroneously, called a 'moon'. Name is sometimes given to the fictitious bodies assumed in the harmonic analysis of tides.

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