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Salvage Agreement. Document, or undertaking, by which recomĀ­pense for salvage services is agreed and promised under specified conditions.

Salvage Association. A corporate body that deals with salvage but does not actually carry it out. Incorporated, by Royal Charter, 1856. Governed by Lloyd's and company underwriters. 2. Company specialising in marine salvage, and owning ships and plant designed and fitted for the purpose.

Salvage Award. Sum of money awarded by Admiralty Court, or arbitrators, as recompense for salvage services rendered.

Salvage Clause. Inserted in charter party to allow vessel to attempt or render salvage services for the preservation of property in peril at sea.

Sambuk. Arab dhow with a low-curved stem and a high stern that is often lavishly decorated.

Sampan. Punt-like boat used in Chinese waters, Java, and Madagascar for fishing, carriage and merchandise, and other purposes.

Samping. When applied to wind, means 'easing' or 'dropping'.

Samson Line. Small line supplied in 30-fathom hanks weighing from one to one and a quarter pounds.

Samson Post. Stump mast for a derrick. 2. Strong oak post on fore deck of a yacht; used as a mooring-post. 3. A cable bitt. 4. A towing bollard.

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