Nautical words

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Salt Beef Squire. Naval nickname for an officer promoted from the lower deck.

Salt Horse. Salt beef. In R.N. the name is jocularly applied to an officer who has not specialised in any subject.

Saltings. Low-lying land made marshy by salt water.

Saltire. Diagonal cross, of any colour, in a flag or ensign.

Salt Junk. Salt beef.

Salute. A mutual gesture of respect and greeting. Initiated by the inferior in rank, and returned by the superior. Made by hand, the firing of guns, the letting fly of sheets, the veiling of topsails and the dipping of ensigns.

Salvage 292 Saturated Steam

Salvage. The saving of a vessel, or cargo, from extraordinary peril or danger.

2. Compensation or reward given for the salving of property in peril. 3. Rope made of yarns laid parallel and bound together.

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