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Sailor's Disgrace. Nickname for the 'foul anchor' badge of the Lords of the Admiralty. Was the badge of Lord Howard of Effingham, who commanded the English Fleet against the Armada.

Sailors' Home 291 Salute

Sailors' Home. Establishment or hostel, in a seaport, for the reception, accommodation, and entertainment of seamen tem­porarily on leave, or awaiting a ship.

Sail Room. Compartment in which sails are stowed in ship.

Sail Twine. Medium-weight flax twine used for general sewing of sails and canvas by hand. Saint Elmo's Fire. Discharge of atmospheric electricity sometimes observable on masts and yards in certain states of stormy weather. Positive discharge gives the appearance of streamers; negative discharge has the appearance of a luminous coating.

Saint Nicholas. The patron saint of seamen; which accounts for the number of seaports having churches dedicated to him.

Saker. Olden gun that threw a ball weighing five to seven pounds.

Salamba. Bamboo fishing raft, with mast and sail, used in sea around Manila.

Salinity. Saltness. The amount of dissolved salt in water. Usually expressed as a ratio as compared with fresh water—fresh water being 1000 and sea water about 1026 but varying, in ports and harbours, between 1000 and 1031 (Port Said). Also known as the specific gravity of sea water.

Salinometer. Instrument for indicating the proportion of salt in a given quantity of water. Salinometer Cock. Small cock, on a marine boiler, by which water may be drawn for test purposes.

Sallee Man. Old name for the 'Portuguese Man o' War'.

Sallee Rovers. Moroccan pirates, from the port of Sallee, who preyed on Mediterranean shipping in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Their galleys were neither large nor formidable, and the prowess of the rovers has been greatly exaggerated.

Sallying. Rolling a vessel, that is slightly ice-bound, so as to break the surface ice around her. May sometimes be done when a vessel is lightly aground, but not ice-bound.

Sally Port. Aperture, in quarter of a fire ship, for escape of crew after she has been ignited. Salmiel Wind. 'Simoon.'

Saloon. Mess room for deck officers in a merchant ship. 2. Main cabin in a passenger ship. Salt. Landsman's nickname for a seaman.

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