Nautical words

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Sailmaker's Eye Splice. Used only in ropes stitched to canvas. Strands are tucked with the lay, for neatness.

Sailmaker's Whipping. The most efficient of the whippings, par­ticularly suitable when end of rope is exposed to wind. In addition to the turns of whipping passed round the end of rope, trapping turns are passed round whipping in each cantline of the rope.

Sail Needle. Special needle used when sewing canvas. Pointed end is triangular in section. Made in four sizes, 14, 14 ½ , 15, 16, the I higher numbers being less substantial than the lower.

Sail Numbers. Letters and numbers on sails of racing yachts. Upper number indicates length of yachts in metres; lower number is a private number; letter(s) indicate nationality.

Sailor. Man or boy employed in sailing deep-water craft. Word is sometimes loosely used to include men who go to sea. Used officially to denote a seaman serving on deck. At one time was a man with previous sea experience, but who was not rated able seaman.

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