Nautical words

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Sailing Instructions. Orders given by officer commandmg a convoy to commanders of ships under convoy; detailing action to be taken in particular circumstances, code of signalling and special signals, position of rendezvous and other necessary orders and instructions. 2. Orders given relative to a particular voyage.

Sailing Master. Formerly, an officer in Royal Navy responsible to the captain for the correct navigation of the ship.

Sailing Orders. Final orders given to a warship. 2. Orders specify­ing time of sailing.

Sailings. Methods by which the course and distances sailed by a ship, and the set of tidal streams and currents, are related to the change in her geographical position.

Sailing Thwart. That thwart, in a boat, at which a mast is clamped or shipped.

Sail Loft. Large covered space in which ships' sails are cut, measured and made.

Sailmaker. Man whose occupation is to make and repair sails, together with other canvas work.

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