Nautical words

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Sail Ho.5 Report of a look-out man who has sighted a sailing vessel.

Sail Hook. Small hook for holding canvas while it is being stitched.

Sail Hoops. Rings encircling a mast and attached to luff of a fore and aft sail.

Sailing. Proceeding under sail. 2. Departing from a port or harbour.

Sailing Boat. Small boat propelled by sails.

Sailing Directions 290 Sailor's Disgrace

Sailing Directions. Books dealing with winds, weather, currents, and other circumstances prevailing in a given area. Compiled to give the navigator all helpful and relevant information avail­able. Name was given formerly to 'Sailing Instructions', and to 'Sailing Orders'.

Sailing Free. Sailing with wind between right aft and that direction in which vessel would be close-hauled.

Sailing Ice. Small masses of drift ice with waterways in which a vessel can sail.

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1   ...   713   714   715   716   717   718   719   720   ...   963

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