Nautical words

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Sag to Leeward. To make excessive leeway.

Sail. Shaped and fitted canvas, or other material, used for moving a vessel by force of the wind. 2. A sailing vessel when under sail. 3. A short voyage in a vessel under sail. Sailboard. A buoyant plank, fitted with mast, sail and wish-bone boom, upon which the sailor stands while sailing.

Sail Burton. Whip rove for sending a sail aloft for bending.

Sailcloth. Light grade canvas used for sails of boats. Supplied in 12-, 15-, and 18-inch widths.

Sail Clutch. Iron band used, instead of hoop or lashing, to attach a sail to a mast or boom.

Sail Cover. Canvas covering put over sail when not in use.

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1   ...   712   713   714   715   716   717   718   719   ...   963

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