Nautical words

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Sabik. Star  Ophiuchi. S.H.A. 103°; Dec. S16°; Mag. 2-6.

Saccade. The slatting of sails in slight airs and with heavy swells.

'Sack of Coals. Old name for 'Coal Sack'.

Sacred Anchor.* Anchor, in ancient Greek vessels, that was not let go except when in imminent danger.

Sacred Knot. Old name for 'Brahmin Knot', or 'Triangle Knot".

Saddle. Shaped piece of wood attached to a mast or spar to form a rest for another spar. One on bowsprit takes heel of jib boom; those on yards take studdingsail yards; those on mast form a rest for jaws of gaff or boom.

Safe Port. Port in which a vessel can lie at all times in good safety and free from perils of political, natural, hygienic, or other nature.

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1   ...   710   711   712   713   714   715   716   717   ...   963

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