Nautical words

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Running Rigging. All ropes rove through blocks and worked as may be necessary, as distinguished from standing rigging.

Running the Easting Down. Making easterly departure by running before a westerly wind. Running Voyage. Old name for a wartime voyage when made independently and not in convoy.

Run Out. To put out a mooring, hawser or line from a ship to a point of attachment outside her.

Run the Longitude. To sail along a meridian.

Russell's Log. Early 19th-century towed log, of spiral type and made of copper.

Russian Sennit. Loose matting made by weaving several stands-or lengths of small rope-athwart and over and under their own parts.

Rutter. Common, but corrupted, form of 'Routier*.

Sabik 289 Sailing Boat

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