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Running Agreement. Made between Master and crew to allow more than one foreign voyage to be made without paying off. Expires at end of six months, or on vessel's first arrival in United Kingdom after that period, with maximum period of two years.

Running Block 288 Rutter

Running Block. That block, of a purchase, that moves in position as fall is veered or hauled. Usually called 'Moving Block'.

Running Bowline. A bowline (loop) made in the end of a rope and around its own standing part.

Running by the Lee. Running under sail with the main boom on the weather side.

Running Days. Days that are counted successively and without any exception or interruption.

Running Down. Striking a vessel that is at anchor, or that has the right of way. Running Down Clause. Institute Time Clause that defines liability of underwriters to owner of a ship that runs down another. Liability does not exceed three-quarters value of ship that

runs down.

Running Fix. Determination of a ship's position by taking a line of bearing, running a known distance, transferring first line to new position and crossing it with another position line.

Running Free. Sometimes defined as sailing with wind abaft the beam, but not right aft. As far as the 'Rule of the Road' is concerned, a vessel is running free when she has the wind more than one point abaft that point at which she would be close hauled.

Running Gear. All rigging, ropes and tackles that move, or are movable.

Running High. Said of a sea when waves are high. Said of a gyro compass when its indication is numerically higher than it should be.

Running Hook. One of the tack hooks a little off centre line of boat at stem. Tack of sail is put on it when running before wind.

Running Lights. Statutory navigational lights shown by a vessel when under way.

Running Moor. Anchoring by dropping first anchor while ship has headway, and letting go second anchor after she has gone farther ahead.

Running Part. Any part of a tackle that moves when worked - as distinguished from the standing part.

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