Nautical words

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Rule of the Road. Seaman's usual name for the 'Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea'.

Rumb. Old form of 'Rhumb'.

Rumbo, Rumbowline. Outside yarns of old rope laid up again for use as lashings, and other purposes not demanding much strength.

Rummage. Originally meant 'to stow cargo'. Now means 'to search a ship carefully and thoroughly'.

Rummager. Originally, 'one who stowed cargo'. Now, one who searches a vessel for undeclared goods and articles.

Run. Voyage between two ports, especially when regular. 2. Distance sailed between two observations, or epochs. 3. After part of ship's underwater body where it rises and sweeps towards stern post. 4. To sail with wind astern—or nearly so.

Rundle. Drum of a capstan. 2. Round rung of a rope ladder.

Run Down. To collide with a vessel that is directly ahead. 2. To run north or south into a desired latitude; to run east or west into a desired longitude: in both the foregoing, is more applicable when numerical value of latitude or longitude is decreasing.

Rung. Ground timber of frame of a wooden vessel.

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