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Rudder Breeching. Rope, more or less vertical, that takes part of weight of rudder off the gudgeons.

Rudder Case. 'Rudder Trunk.'

Rudder Chains. Small chains shackled to rudder and led inboard and secured. Hold rudder should it become unshipped. Also, form alternative steering connections if steering chains part.

Rudder Chock. Wooden support for rudder when in dry dock.

Rudder Coat. Canvas cover attached to rudder stock where it emerges from a trunk. Prevents sea entering ship in heavy weather.

Rudder Frame. Streamlined frame to which plates of a double-plate rudder are fastened. Rudder Head. Upper end of rudder stock, to which tiller is attached.

Rudder Hole. Opening in deck through which rudder head protrudes.

Rudder Iron. Brace or pintle of a rudder.
Rudder Pendants 287 Running Agreement

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