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R/T. Radio telephone. Rubber

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R/T. Radio telephone.

Rubber. Steel block with rounded face and wooden handle. Used for rubbing down seams in canvas after they have been sewn. 2. 'Rubbing Piece.'

Rubbing Paunch. Batten secured vertically on fore side of mast and over the hoops of a built mast. Prevents damage to yards by hoops, when yards are sent up or down.

Rubbing Piece. Raised wooden beading fitted horizontally around outside of boat. Takes chafe when boat is alongside. ;

Rubbing Strake. Doubled strake on outside of a boat. Acts as a rubbing piece, and can be renewed when worn.

Rubbing Wale. Alternative name for 'Rubbing Piece'.

Rudder. That implement or fitting by which the direction of a vessel is controlled by steering. Almost invariably fitted at stern, and free to move through about 35° on either side. Hinged to stern post or rudder post—but occasionally balanced. See 'Balanced Rudder'. 2. A paddle used for steering.

Rudder Band. Alternative name for 'Rudder Brace'.

Rudder Brace. Horizontal attachment to a rudder, carrying either a pintle or brace.

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