Nautical words

Rover. Pirate. Freebooter. Rovings

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Rover. Pirate. Freebooter.

Rovings. Robands.

Row. To impel a boat by pulling on oars.

Row Boat, Rowing Boat. Boat propelled by oars alone.

Rowl. Sheave of a single block. 2. Light crane for discharging cargo.

Rowlock. Opening in which an oar is pivoted when rowing. May be a cut away part in wash strake, or space between two thole pins.

Row Ports.* Small ports, near waterline, used when propelling vessels by oars pulled between decks.

Rowse. 'Rouse.'

Royal. Mast or sail next above topgallant.

Royal Mail Pendant. White pendant with a red crown over a post horn and the words 'Royal Mail' in red. Worn by vessels carrying Royal Mail under contract.

Royal Marines. The corp. of soldiers who chiefly serve on board H.M. ships.

Royal Mast 286 Rudder Iron

Royal Mast. Mast immediately above topgallant mast, being an extension of the topgallant mast.

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