Nautical words

Roundly. Quickly and smartly. Round Ribbed

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Roundly. Quickly and smartly.

Round Ribbed. Said of a vessel with curved tumble home.

Rounds. Wooden rungs of a rope ladder.

Round Seam. Single seam used for joining two edges of canvas. Stitches are passed through at right angles to both surfaces, with 35 to 40 stitches to the foot.

Round Seizing. Put around two ropes when the strain is in the same direction on each. Seizing is secured to one rope, and seven round turns passed round both parts. End of seizing then passed up through these turns, and out under first turn. Six round turns then passed in cantlines of first turns, end passed between sixth and seventh lower turns. Round turn then taken across all turns, finishing off with a clove hitch, having first round turn inside the hitch.

Round Spliced. Splice made with flattened strands, so that splice will be circular in section. Round To. To bring ship's head to the wind.

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