Nautical words

Rose Box. Strum Box. Rosebur

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Rose Box. Strum Box.

Rosebur. Roove, or washer, over end of a clinched nail or fastening.

Rose Knot. Wall knot followed by crown knot, and each knot followed round; finished with a diamond knot, and ends tucked through centre.

Rose Lashing. Under and over lashing finished off with concentric turns around the crossings and between the turns.

Rotator. Log unit having inclined vanes that cause it to rotate as it is drawn through the water.

Rotary Stream. Tidal stream that changes its direction through 360° in one cycle.

Rotor Ship. Experimental ship of the 1920s. Propelled by wind-pressure acting on rotating towers.

Rotten Ice. Floes that have become honeycombed through melting.

Rough Log. Log-book kept, on deck, by officer of the watch.

Rough Tree. Shaped, but unfinished, mast or spar.

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