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Ropemaker's Eye.* Eye formed in end of hemp cable. End of cable was unlaid and two strands turned over to make the eye by splicing. Third end was turned over, and its ends wormed round cable. Eye was then marled and served.

Ropery. Establishment in which ropes are made. 2. A ropewalk.

Rope's End. End of a rope, or a short length of rope.

Ropewalk 284 Round in

Ropewalk. Covered walk, 100 to 200 fathoms in length, in which ropes are laid up. Formerly, men walked backward while paying out hemp fibres whose ends were attached to rotating hooks at end of the ropewalk. This method has been superseded by the use of machinery.

Rope Winch. Machine having three, or more, rotating 'whirlers’ used for laying up the strands of a rope.

Rope Yarn. Single yarn laid up in same direction as that of the strands of a rope.

Rope Yarn Knot. Correct way of joining two yarns. Yams are split and married; two opposite foxes, one from each yarn, are led round to form a reef knot.

Roping Needle. Stout needle used when sewing canvas to rope. Has a pointed end that curves upward from line of needle.

Roping Palm. Used when sewing canvas to roping. Indentations in the 'iron' are larger, and fewer, than those in a sailmaker's palm.

Ro-Ro Ship. A 'roll-on, roll-off' vessel built with doors in her ends or slides to allow, when berthed, vehicles to drive on or off.

Rorqual. Type of whale that raids fishing-grounds in practically all seas. It is not hunted, because its blubber yield is small.

Rose. Name given to a compass card, or other diagram, having radiating lines. 2. Strum.

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