Nautical words

Abyssal. Pertaining to the abyss. Acalephae

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Abyssal. Pertaining to the abyss.

Acalephae. Class of sea creatures that sting if touched. Includes jellyfish and 'Portuguese man o' war'.

Acamar. Star  Eridani. S.H.A. 316°; Dec. S 40°; Mag. 3-1. Acceleration. A hastening or increase in rate of motion. In astro­nomy, is an apparent gaining of one heavenly body upon another when due to superior speed, a difference of direction, or both of these.

Acceleration of Fixed Stars. Progressive earliness of fixed star transits as compared with Sun's transits. Owing to Sun's east­ward movement along Ecliptic, stars transit any meridian nearly four minutes earlier each day when referred to solar time.

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