Nautical words

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Roman Indiction. Number that denotes the position of a year in a system of 15-year periods, beginning 3 B.C.

Ron Finish. Finishing off of a 'point' in end of rope by forming a footrope knot over the heart.

Roof Error. Error in sextant indication that is caused by refractive effect of glass roof of a mercury trough when using it as an artificial horizon.

Room and Space. Longitudinal distance between centre lines of ribs of wooden vessels; 'room' being width of rib, 'space' being distance between ribs.

Roomer.* Elizabethan name for putting about before the wind. To 'put roomer' means 'to wear'.

Rooming. The navigable water to leeward of a vessel.

Roost. Strong and turbulent current between Orkney and Shetland Islands.

Rooves. Small, annular pieces of copper that fit over nail ends in clincher-built craft; over them the nail end is flattened to form clinch.

Rooving Iron. Small implement for holding a roove over end of a clinch nail. Has a hole in centre so that nail can be driven through roove.

Rope. Long and flexible lengths of wire, hemp, cotton, coir, leather and other materials laid up for the transmission of power and resistance, while maintaining form at any angle of bending. Size is expressed by the circumference of the rope. By convention, ropes have a minimum circumference of one inch; smaller cordage being 'lines'.

Rope Jack. Machine for laying up yarns and strands. Has circular framing with rotating hooks worked by a handle.

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