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Roller Jib. See 'Du Boulay Roller Jib'. Roller Reef

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Roller Jib. See 'Du Boulay Roller Jib'.

Roller Reef. A reef made by rotating the boom to which the foot of a sail is attached. This winds the sail round the boom like a roller blind.

Roller Sheave. Sheave of a block when steel rollers have been placed round the pin to reduce friction.

Rolling 283 Rope's End

Rolling. Thwartship swinging of a vessel when in a seaway.

Rolling Chock. A bilge keel. 2. Jaw of a yard, which steadies the yard as the ship rolls. Rolling Hitch. Manipulation of end of a rope when attaching it to a spar or another rope. Round turn is taken and then passed over first turn; second turn is made alongside first turn and end brought up through this second turn. Name was given because this is appropriate hitch to put on a spar or cask that is required to be rolled.

Rolling Period. Period of roll. Time, in seconds, taken by a vessel to roll from one side to the other.

Rolling Tackle. Extra tackle extending from near slings on masts to weather quarter of a yard. Holds yard to mast when rolling to windward.

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