Nautical words

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Risk of Collision. Exists when two vessels are so situated that a collision will be inevitable unless one vessel, at least, takes avoiding action.

Risk the Run. To sail without convoy, or to break away from a convoy, in time of war.

River Gunboat. Small warship, carrying a fairly large gun, having a broad underwater body and a shallow draught. Formerly used in Chinese rivers and other inland waters.

Rivet Spacing. Pitch of rivets.

Roach. Curvature of foot of a square sail, to clear stays, etc.

Roadstead/Roads. Sheltered water with good holding ground, in which ships may anchor and ride safely.

Roaring Forties. Strong westerly winds prevailing south of latitude 40°S. Sometimes applied to the latitudes in which the winds prevail.

Robands. Short lengths of sennit plaited round head rope of square sail for securing sail to the jackstay.

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1   ...   692   693   694   695   696   697   698   699   ...   963

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