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Riots and Civil Commotion Clause

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Riots and Civil Commotion Clause. Included in a policy of marine insurance to relieve insurers of liability for loss due to strikes, labour disturbances, riots and suchlike.

Rip. To tear old caulking out of a deck seam.

Ripping Iron. Tool used for tearing old caulking out of a seam. 2. Tool for removing sheathing boards and copper sheathing from a ship's bottom.

Ripple. Small curling wave, or ruffling of surface of water.

Rise. To come above the horizon.

Rise of Tide. Height of sea level above chart datum when due to tide-raising forces.

Rising. Stringer, in a boat, on which thwarts rest.

Rising Floor. Floor timber, that rises, fore and aft, above plane of midship floor.

Rising Glass. Said of barometric pressure when indicated by rise of mercury in a barometer. Rising Line. Curved line, on draughts of a ship, showing heights of floor timbers throughout the vessel.

Rising Square. Square marked with height of rising line at any part of the ship.

Rising Wood. Timber worked into seat of a floor and into keel for steadying the keel.

Risk of Collision 282 Roller Sheave

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