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Right Knot. A reef knot. Right of Search

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Right Knot. A reef knot.

Right of Search. Authority to search a vessel at sea.

Right of Way. Legal right of a vessel to maintain her course and speed when in the vicinity of another vessel.

Right Sphere. Terrestrial sphere as it appears to an observer at Equator. Circles of revolution of heavenly bodies are perpendic­ular to the horizon.

Right the Helm. To put the rudder amidships.

Right Whale 281 Rising Wood

Right Whale. The Greenland whale.

Rigil Kentaurus. Star  Centauri. S.H.A. 141°; Dec. S61°; Mag. 0.1. It is, excepting Sun, the star nearest to Earth. Its diameter is about that of the Sun, but its candle power is 1.2 times greater. Distance is 4-3 light years. Also called 'Proxima Centauri', 'Alpha Centaurus', 'Rikent'.

Rigol. Small, curved angle bar over a scuttle in ship's side. Placed to prevent entry of water when scuttle is open and water is running down side. Sometimes called 'Eyebrow'.

Rim. Notched plate, of capstan or windlass, in which a pawl can engage. 2. Top Rim.'

Rime. Rung of a ladder. 2. Hoar frost or frozen dew.

Ring. Ring or shackle in inboard end of anchor shank for attach­ment of cable.

Ringbolt. Bolt secured to vessel and carrying a loose ring to which a block, tackle or rope can be attached.

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