Nautical words

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Right Ascension. Measurement of a heavenly body's distance from First Point of Aries, and expressed in terms of sidereal time. Is the angle at the Pole between a circle of Right Ascension passing through the body and a circle passing through First Point of Aries. Can be measured by arc of Equinoctial intercepted by the foregoing circles.

Right a Ship. To bring a vessel upright after she has been listed or careened.

Right-Handed. Said of a rope when strands trend to the right as one looks along it. Said of a propeller when upper edge of blade turns to starboard when going ahead.

Righting Lever. Leverage by which the force of buoyancy, acting on the metacentre of an inclined floating body, causes the body to turn until centre of buoyancy and centre of gravity are in same vertical line. Length of lever is the horizontal distance between perpendiculars passing through centre of gravity and centre of buoyancy.

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