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Riding the Rigging. Coming down a stay or backstay in a boat­swain's chair that has a shackle around the stay or backstay. Usual when blacking down the rigging, or when working on it.

Riding Turn. Turn of a rope that rides over or across another turn or turns.

Rig. Manner or fashion in which a vessel's masts, sails, and spars are fitted and arranged. 2. Type of a sailing vessel. 3. To fit out a vessel with necessary rigging. 4. To prepare or assemble an apparatus or gear. 5. The dress of a man.

Rig/Drilling, Rig/Oil Rig. A construction standing upon the seabed, but capable of being floated into position, used for drilling for, or extracting oil or gas.

Rigel. Star  Orionis. S.H.A. 282°; Dec. S8°; Mag. 0.3. Diameter is 38 times that of Sun; candlepower is 18,000 times greater; distant 540 light years.

Rigger. Man who makes or fits rigging, or who assists in doing so.

Rigging. The ropes, wires, tackling and other furniture necessary for the working of a ship. 2. Shrouds and their ratlines. 3. The fitting and placing of rigging.

Rigging Screw. Bottle screw used for setting up wire rigging. A Warwick screw. 2. Steel screw clamp used for turning in end of wire ropes when splicing around a thimble.

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