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Riband. 'Ribband.' Rib and Truck

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Riband. 'Ribband.'

Rib and Truck. Name given to a parrel made up of large, spherical wooden spheres threaded on rope. Three to five of these are usual, being separated by thin wooden 'ribs'. Ribband. One of the horizontal strips of fir nailed to ribs of a wooden vessel, when being built, to maintain the ribs in their place while planking is fastened.

Ribband Carvel. Carvel build, but with wooden strips covering seams on inner side of the vessel.

Ribband Lines. Oblique fore and aft sections of a vessel.

Ribband Shore. Supporting strut from building slip to rib of a vessel under construction.

Ribbing Nail. Large round-headed nail used for fastening ribĀ­-bands.

Ricker. Stem of a young tree. Used for making shaft of boathook, mast or spar in boat, or for dunnage.

Ride. To yield to a sea or swell. 2. To bear down with full weight of the body.

Rider. An additional rib on inside of sheathing of hold of a wooden vessel. 2. A second tier of casks or barrels. 3. A riding turn of rope.

Ridge. Longitudinal area of high barometric pressure. 2. LongiĀ­tudinal extent of a raised part of sea bed.

Ridge Rope. Centre-line rope over which an awning is spread.

Riding a Try. Heaving to, in bad weather, and lying to the wind with no sail set.

Riding Bitts. Two strong bitts, in fore part of vessel, around which turns of cable can be taken.

Riding Light. White all round light hoisted forward, by a vessel at anchor, from sunset to sunrise.

Riding Sail. Storm canvas set by ship when riding to a sea anchor.

Riding Slip 280 Right the Helm

Riding Slip. Short length of chain, attached to forecastle deck, having a slip shaped to clamp a link of chain cable. Generally used as a precautionary measure when riding at anchor.

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